This is the refrence for the Dornier 328JET

(1) To adjust fuel load and and passenger/freight load, in the FS9/FSX Aircraft menu click 'Fuel & Load' (2) To show and hide yoke in the VC use keys Shift-W (FS9) Ctrl-W (FSX)

VMo - Max operating Speed 420 kts IAS MMo - Max operating Mach .85 Mach VLe - Max gear operating speed 185 kts IAS VMc - Minimum control speed 95 kts IAS

FLAPS Approach - 10º 220 kts IAS Full extension - 160 kts IAS

TAKE OFF DECISION SPEED Dry runway, flaps up.

V1 - 110 kts-130kts depending on weight

ROTATION SPEED Dry runway, flaps up.

Vr - 120 kts


Sea level to 10,000 ft - 250 kts

LANDING APPROACH SPEED Flaps down, gear down

120 - 140 kts depending on weight and weather conditions.